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How does it seem like this date went?

But basically, we had dinner, walked around, got ice cream, walked around more. Then some drinks. Then more walking, this time she held onto me. Soon after we were back at my rental making out. And started to get frisky. Then some douche shows up and starts watching us from his car while his girl sucked him. We got creeped out and left. Went to a hotel instead. This time we continued, both got naked, and yeaaa. She sucked me, I fingered her and sucked on her tits. Along with making out... Then walked her to the car and she went home, but not after I gave her a goodnight kiss.

(During the date she also wiped sweat off my forehead, and at one point pulled away when I had my arm around her. Just said she's not used to physical affection)
How does it seem like this date went?
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