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Is it that bad to date a virgin?

Okey so I’m 17 and I never had a boyfriend blah blah. I was playing games on Facebook with a stranger. I found him on Instagram and we were talking for like 2 and a half hours. (He is 19) Cool. He tried many times to have sexting with me but I don’t want to. Then he asked me if I ever had sex. I told him no. Then he is like did you have anything else except sex (foreplay). And obviously I said no. And he said ughhh. And I’m like uhm what? He said I had sex when I was 14.
I mean I never had confidence about guys cause I don’t find me beautiful or something but this made me feel like trash.
Is it that but to talk to a virgin?
I mean...
Is it that bad to date a virgin?
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