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Am I too sensitive for feeling less manly when she does this?

So I took my girl out for dinner on my birthday. And we got drinks, I said I would pay but she insisted, which I thought was fine because I would just get dinner.

But when we got dinner she insisted on paying again.

And that bothers me because while I don't earn a lot she is always having money problems and it made me feel like I couldn't take care of her.

So we where in the car home and I said that I would have preferred to split the bills and she says that I should let it go, and she is going to show me something when we get to her place.

So I go in and she tells me to go to the bedroom and undress, and she gets out a lubed strap on and starts fucking my ass hole and pulls my hair until and Tel me to start repeating "you are so big daddy."

She made me cum and kneels me down and calls me a good girl. I start crying and she slaps me and said "classy ladies don't make silly noises when they do what they are told"

So I went to sleep crying into my plush toy puppy while she called her friends and laughed making fun of how I sounded when I begged for sex.

So, I didn't feel very masculine and I'm just wondering if I am just being too conservative and I should be less sensitive. What do you guys think?
Am I too sensitive for feeling less manly when she does this?
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