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Did he mean all that what hw said in bed?

When we saw each other he said to me "I love you, you know".
He had been telling me all night that he loves me, that I am his love. He wanted me to sleep at his place, he insisted, but I couldn't.
It was Saturday and he went out to the club and had a couple of drinks.
He asked me if I love him, since when, why do I love him...
He asked if I love his dick or him, I said I love him too. When he was in me he wanted to cum inside me. I told him he couldn't and that I was going to get pregnant and he said he wanted it and wanted me to get pregnant to be his wife. He repeated it once more. He wanted to cum inside me.
He kept saying he loves me. He asked me if I wanted to be his wife, he asked me several times but I didn’t answer anything. He said he wanted to be with me every day.
Afterwards he was a little moody, playing some sad songs as he drove me home. He told me he was moving to another city by the end of the year. Afterwards he asked me if it would be hard for me, I laughed. And he said you don't care about me, huh?
Everything he ever told me in bed he told me even when we weren’t in bed.
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We are seeing each other for 3 years. He is 30, and I am 20.
Did he mean all that what hw said in bed?
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