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Someone please help me?

Guys, girls, anyone. I just need help. How can I get someone out of my life who’s lived with me for 2 years but not on my lease? He gets mail here so I know that there is a legal process I would probably have to go through but I dont want to wait that 30 days that they’ll probably give him. I need him away from me now! He spits on me all the time like Im trash and threatens to harm and/or kill me or tells me to go and kill myself and its all over stupid reasons. Maybe something like I might interrupt him while he's talking to me and not even meaning to. You know like when you think someone is done talking so you start talking and then they start talking again when you do. To me, thats not interrupting someone. And even if it was, I dont deserve to be treated like that and spit on. I have found myself to be so sad and lonely lately. Im not who I used to be as a person. He has broken me down so much. I try to stand up to him, but I’m not gonna lie.. I am starting to become concerned for my safety. And it’s not even just me in the picture. He doesn’t want my kids around. Probably because he doesn’t want them to see how badly he treats me. He talks down to me so bad that my self esteem has pretty much gone out the window. For example I am older than him and just because I like to mind my business and stay at home a lot, mostly because I work, but he calls me lame and boring and old. He makes fun of my body even though I think I look great after having 3 kids. Its just that I don’t look like what his brain is taught to look good which are supermodels or porn stars. Which has become another problem in our relationship, all he cares about is women and looking at other women and watching porn. I just want out. I deserve so much better. Please help! Please give me some advice. Just not even 30 mins ago he spit in my face three times and called me retarded just because I interrupted him. Someone please help me. 😞😞
Someone please help me?
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