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Should I stop seeing this guy?

I’ve been on a few dates with this guy. We’ve established by mutual agreement that we both want a sexual relationship with each other. We haven’t had sex yet, I said I wanted to take it slow, but he said he’s looking forward to us having sex eventually.

I noticed that he has recently followed a girl on Instagram and all her photos are basically her with her boobs out, bleach blond hair, false eyelashes, fake tan, and showing her bum in a thong. I’ve noticed she’s quite famous and has like 12.8k followers on her profile, and she hasn’t followed him back even though he’s following her, but it’s made me feel so insecure that he’s basically following a girl who looks like a porn star and gets these updates. I’m worried he’s like messaging her and meeting up with her cause she lives in his area, and if he’s sleeping around I really don’t want to put my health on the line by being exposed to STI’s

I have a really bad feeling about it all. Part of me wants to confront him and just ask if he’s sleeping with other girls, but I don’t want to come across as controlling.

should I be concerned about this? Should I just cut off contact with him?
Should I stop seeing this guy?
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