Would girls date a bi guy?

Hey, so I'm bi (you can probably guess from the title lmao...) and im not sure if it's just an easy excuse or if its genuine biphobia, but some girls seem really uncomfortable dating a guy who also likes guys. in my opinion this is literal biphobia, because I would never cheat on a partner but yet we get called 'risky' or 'greedy' for liking both genders. Don't even get me started on people saying it's a stepping stone to being gay and I should just say I'm gay...

Anyway away from the rant, would you as girls be happy and comfortable dating a bisexual guy? Genuinely curious, and if you vote no please drop an explanation pls 👍
Yes! Your bisexuality makes no difference to me
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Maybe, but Id feel a little uncomfortable
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Ugh no, I only want totally straight guys
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Would girls date a bi guy?
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