Why are people so grossed out by body hair?

I saw this question earlier asking about a natural bush on a woman and the responses kinda suprised me. A LOT of the women were saying "ewww" and saying its gross, a few men were saying similar things but I noticed it was mostly women. I never understood why people find body hair gross, personally I kinda like hair. I shave it or trim it just cause it makes wearing bikini bottoms easier or if a guy I'm with prefers it, but I don't consider the hair "yuck and gross." And I actually think pubic hair looks more womanly than bare. I think having a preference is PERFECTLY ok, but I never understood the "eww hair is gross" thing.
Even when I was younger and had just started growing leg hair I had girls in my class and friends look at my legs and tell me how gross it was, so I took my moms razor and shaved it. Why are people so against something so natural?
Why are people so grossed out by body hair?
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