In love with my best friend's boyfriend?

This is complicated and I'm sorry in advance. I'm 17 and I've had feeling a for my best friends boyfriend for about 2 years now. I've known her since we were in diapers and she's always going to be my best friend, but now I have this secret from her. Her boyfriend is this really nice, smart football player a year above us. I first started liking him when he showed up at a teen support group I'm in for anorexia and suicidal thoughts. He apaprently goes for a bipolar disorder and also suicidal thought everyone at school doesn't know about. He reached out to me after the first meeting and we've talked everyday since then. And I've grown to really like him and have fallen in love with him. He knows everything there is to know about me, and I've learned things about him no one else knows. But his girlfriend is my best friend, and I know they've had problems and she's always breaking up with him and getting back with him I don't wanna be that person... but I'm finding it harder when I talk to him to keep my feelings secret. And at times it feels like he feels the same and is holding back. Is there anything I can do?
1 y
So update, he messaged me a few minutes ago asking why I haven't replied all day. And apaprently he's thinking of breaking up with my friend, and admitted to liking me which was something I mentioned in the question.
In love with my best friend's boyfriend?
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