Girls, Please suggest what should I do now?

I live here with my boyfriend. I am an Instagram model. I did many photoshoots so far along with few magazines. Recently I got a huge offer for a short film. This is in our local language.
I was offered a lot of money for this because it's a bit explicit content. It's about sexual life of a teen college girl. I talked to my boyfriend about it, initially he didn't liked it but this is just a movie that's why he has no problem with it. As I knew about the script, there was few nude scenes but in one scene, guys dick was supposed to touch me. I hesitated for that, but agreed. But as for the scene, there was an actual penetration. I didn't told my boyfriend about it.
As per the contract, I had only one day for nude shooting including this scene.
That day came, we were shooting as normal. My costar was really nice person, he entered in. I thought it might be just one time thing and I was waiting to get it over. But the director wasn't happy, he made us do many retakes of it. I was expecting it to be a short time shooting, but that covered whole evening and that guy kept on doing it.
I can't believe, I let another guy fuck me whole evening. I don't know how I am gonna tell my boyfriend about it. I really wanna keep this secret.
Please suggest something?
Girls, Please suggest what should I do now?
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