Do you remember your "sexual awakening "?

"sexual awakening, which is generally when, as a child or teen, you realize you’re turned on by someone or something for the first time and it’s a mystifying, exciting or even bewildering experience."

I distinctly remember mine because I didn't realize what was happening just that my private parts (i was very young so this feels like the best way to describe them 😆) were tingly and weird feeling. It was while I was watching King Kong (2005) with my family and the scene that did it was the human sacrifice scene. The natives to the island had Ann strung up like an offering for King Kong and for some reason... that had me feeling some type of way as a young girl 😝 I attached the scene if you're interested.

I rewatched it while writing this and I did enjoy it but did not find anything sexual about it now haha its more of just a cool scene now.
Do you remember your first or one of your first sexual awakenings?
Do you remember your "sexual awakening "?
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