How to deal with this boy who this pandemic had made him feel hornier?

I have told this biy many times that my day schedule is not stable, sometimes I have to go out fromthe house to run errands, or accompany my brother to do errands or we both go out to run errands for mother cause for the virus and she is elder she is not getting out.

There is this boy who maybe being lockdown had made him feel hornier and watns to have sex when his father is not n the house and he is left alone. Cuase his dad goes out to work. He just turn to be legal of age. Now he is 18. But i could be his mother. For a reason this boy had always had his hormones to high all the time. Now with this pandemic he may be frustrated or something and not being able to go out with his friends like before the pandemic.

He wants me to broke the hygine protocols to go and sneak to his house for fun and then return to my house. I I have told him i have things to do errands to do at home I dont have free time. But he is a biut subborn he seems not to understand. With this pandemic Im not even seeing my family much less go to a guys house cause he just is hornier than ever for being alone im sure, he needs something to let all his horniness out when his dad is out working and since he is not attending high school either he is in quarantine at home.

Let me be clear I am not dating this guy or seeing him. We are not a couple. We do knwo each other through friends and family. But he has always had the hots for older women. Everyday he texts me and tells me he want us to meet at his house when his dad is not around. For what it seems his urges for getting laid seems so high the couple of past weeks.

I dont know if it is the horniness of being in the house and not able to go out or what. But you know he is 18 and boys or adults at those ages are hornier than ever hormones and everything.
How to deal with this boy who this pandemic had made him feel hornier?
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