Questions and issues?

I've been on and off again with this guy for almost 3 years. Although we aren't together we are still faithful to each other. I recently found out that I have abandonment issues and it conflicts with our relationship. So we've just remained friends but it's more of a friends with benefits relationship. he's a very sexual guy and I feel inclined to please him. I also like it but it makes me feel cheap. We aren't having sex just doing other things. I've voiced my issues with it making me feel cheap but he doesn't seem to understand. he's said it was best that we dont see each other anymore but when he gets horny he wants to see me. For example he wanted to come see me. So I asked him oh you want to come spend some time with me but he said maybe. When I asked why he want to have sex with me he simply replied with I just want to have sex with you. I know guys and girls are different when it comes to sex. I guess I sometimes feel like he cares about sex more than me.
Questions and issues?
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