Is Having Open Bathrooms With Your Spouse Justifed?

I live in Pakistan which is a very conservative country however me and my wife enjoy every aspect of our married life including the sexual aspect.

Now when we are both alone at home privacy is hardly a concern. Infact we do stuff like changing cloths casually around each other since we have nothing to hide.

Our bathroom doors are rarely closed and it's quite normal for my wife to walk in while I'm in the shower and at times we use the bathroom at the same time eg She is on the toilet and I'm in the tub.

For us these things aren't a big deal we have seen each other naked more times than we can count for seeing someone shower or pee is hardly a concern.

One time my wife took a pic of me shooring just for fun and said if dont give her money for shopping she will show it to my boss. That night we had to go to a dinner at her parents place. She got all ready, wore her best black dress and wore her hijab and just before we had to go she went to the toilet.

Seeing my opportunity i jokingly also took a few pics of her on the toilet as payback and joked that i will show this to her friends and tell them she is so shy she even wears a hijab on the toilet. We laughed it off and went to the dinner.

It was a fine evening like any other. My mother and father inlaw asked me to take a pic of them which i did. After that they asked for my phone to see them.

I had forgotten to delete the pictures of my wife on the toilet and they swiped left too much. They saw those pictures.

After the dinner my inlaws scolded us for being shameless and not respecting boundaries, they scolded my wife for not being modest around me etc etc typical conservative taunts.

But in all seriousness were my in-laws justifed? Is it wrong for my wife and myself to be soo open that we use the bathroom with open doors or are my in-laws just being boomers?

The way i see it she is my wife and as long as i have her consent i can see her doing anything anytime including using the toilet & viceverse.
Is Having Open Bathrooms With Your Spouse Justifed?
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