How come am I never good enough?

Why would I want someone whose gonna eventually cheat on me? given opportunity everyone would cheat. So why the fuck would I wanna get married? no one finds me desirable. But on the sex site they do :) That's all they want.

I'm done with people, I'm fat and the guy would be getting "the best he can get" what the fuck

go have fun with your porn, strippers and half naked chicks you want more than your spouse. its disgusting. And I'm truly done. I'm the best you can get and I'm the settle for less. I'm only able to get the insecure and desperate ones though:) I've never seen a man genuinely like a big girl. Men only care about me when it's for nudes or wanting sex.

Cause I'm fat right? Hahaha fuck. Wow.
How come am I never good enough?
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