Guys, Why won't my boyfriend commit to me?

I have been together with my boyfriend for 2 years now ( 1 year in person, and 1 year ldr )
Just few months ago, the issue started when another guy I had an on-off crush for some 10 years (we have just been some friend-college senior like relationship) told how he wants me in his life, and I told him I have someone. Then he asked me if that guy will be walking down the aisle with me. I couldn't say anything, because though my boyfriend and I have been together for quite sometime, he actually has never committed to me.

I then told the senior guy that I need some time, and asked him to move on. I didn't want to cheat on my boyfriend.

Some of the things that my boyfriend tells me, the reasons why he is not committing to me:

1. Money. I am from a bit of well to do family, he is from a not. He needs some time to build a career, and be in a suitable position to commit and come out to my dad.

2. Age. He is a few years younger to me. I am 26. He needs 3-4 years.

3. Family. His elder brother is unmarried, and he wants to wait until he finds someone.

The past few months have been let me thinking. My reasons:

1. Sex. He was my first ( I know, 24 was quite late to break the virginity, I did have my first kiss at 17 with my first boyfriend ). Our sex life is ok. But he has never made me cum. I know it sounds weird. But, he doesn't likes to play, or finger, more. I understand sex is important. but I don't know, I love to give him oral, well, he doesn't. Fingering me and giving me oral seems like a job two him.

2. My mom talked to him, when I was stressed and crying why he was never committing to me. He simply told her, that if I will marry him/commit to him, my life will be very challenging.

3. When the senior-guy confessed about wanting me in his life, my boyfriend simply told me, it is my decision, and he will support me whatever I say. Umm, I would have loved to hear him say back off to that guy, and tell me that I am only his girl.
Guys, Why won't my boyfriend commit to me?
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