I'm ashamed of being a virgin and 17 years old?

Please help me, I have a real problem and I think about it all day.
My parents (especially my mother) told me very often that sex is a bad thing and so on. So I grew up with a completely false mindset and everytime I had sexual taughts I felt bad and dirty. I knew that people had sex, but I taught that women are asexual beings and do sex only for the pleasure of her man or only for making children.
Yes, I know, absolutely crazy😭.
Also there was this campaign called #metoo, where women said things like they don't want to be sexually harrassed and don't want to be touched by men and don't want to be looked at or approached by men.
This strenghted my stupid beliefs😭and because of this I wanted to eradicate my sexuality.
Until January, I started to question this behaviour of me, when I watched a youtube video called "how often do women think about sex" and almost every girl said "every day".
When I talk with girls today, I automatically still forbid myself to think about anything that has to do with sex.
Now, I'm 17 and all my friends had sexual experiences except of me.
Sorry for my bad English but I don't know what to do now. I still think subconciously that sex is bad like the devil and not a normal thing. It can't get out of my head and behaviour.
I'm ashamed of being a virgin and 17 years old?
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