Did he really use me 😞😣?

I really liked this guy and we’ve been texting for a year and met up once as it’s long distance but we’re not in a relationship or anything. He did tell me how I’m not like other girls and different. So the second time I was going to meet him we made plans on spending the two days together. I was very excited about going to see him. I went and stayed for 2 days to see him 😣 before that I texted him saying I don’t wanna get used for sex (this happened with my ex I was being cautious) so he got offended by me saying that if I think he’s using me for sex he’d rather not sleep with me blah blah so I said I’m sorry I didn’t mean it that way. So when I went to go see him he had work while I was there as he works for his dad he finished work at 9 he said but delayed it as he had to drop a worker so he took he’s time and I ended up seeing him at night at 1ish we had sex and stuff and he said he’ll stay but after sex he was leaving and telling me how he has work next day but after work he’ll shower and come back to see me. Before he left he gave me a hug and kiss. So it was Thursday I heard nothing from him not a good morning text or nothing I knew he was at work but he was active on insta too I mean a text would of been nice. So then it was 4ish when he finished work I texted him asking “hey when u coming?” He took ages to reply and said “hey just finished gotta go to my dad job now worker can’t come in.” So i was disappointed cause he was supposed to see me after. So I asked “so you’re not coming? And he replied “after work sorry.” And I asked when do u finish work? He replied “probs around 10.” So then it was around 10 he texted me saying “just finished popping home to shower up.” Then I said “okay see u then.” After that he didn’t get back to me at all. So I said “u probably ain’t coming so I’m sleeping should of just.” in the morning heard nothing still then. I felt so used and I texted him again how he hurt me and thought he was different. He then unfollowed me.
Did he really use me 😞😣?
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