Is my boyfriend jealous of other guys?

All my friends are guys except one and my boyfriend doesn't like it, which I can kinda understand, but I've been told he's jealous obsessive, and possessive. I don't see it. He always says I can't hang out with my guy friends unless he's there and how he doesn't trust them. He's broken up with me twice, once over texting another guy to hang out after looking through my phone. He's also said he needs to go through my phone and to stop talking to three different friends that are all male. He knows I've been promiscuous in my past and asked if I was willing to change and I am for him. I wore a shirt that said property of and he made a joke saying I was his property, but it was just a joke. We've been dating a month and two weeks and starting in week two we spend every night together after he gets off work at his parents house or hotels. I've been told were moving fast and I've had three different people tell me he's going to hit me including my Aunt who said he was the devil himself and evil, which I don't understand because he's really nice and gentle. He's never hit me, but it worries me that everyone thinks he will. Also once when I was sad I decided to talk to my friend about i, who is male and he said he doesn't want another guy to be the one to make me happy. He also doesn't like when I watch porn. He'll also tell me to say certain things to guys that are my friends. He said it was okay to hang out with my guy friends so I text one and when I asked if he wanted to he said No! adamantly, but he was the one who told me to do it.
Is my boyfriend jealous of other guys?
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