Should me and my boyfriend really go ahead with this as a side hustle?

I recently lost my job due to covid 19 and its really hard to find a job right now, there's just no one hiring at all. Luckily i have a amazing family who are willing to support me in these difficult times and im so greatful towards them but i also feel so guilty as my family aren't exactly the richest and i feel bad but im not contributing anymore.

My boyfriend is also a self employed gardener and as we are nearing winter, work will start to slow down for him.

It started off as joke at first because we saw a girl who sold feet pics on only fans and managed to buy a house from all the money she made in the news. My boyfriend has unusually large big toes and we joked if i shaved his feet and painted them and took pics to sell, pretending they were womens wed make some money.

My boyfriend admitted he'd actually do it if the money was good enough but me on the other hand, im not good with creepy prevs and i feel like if i got some weird requests and messages id quickly be provoked to say something mean back to them. But my boyfriend said he'd just play along and i called him a "foot whore" 😂.

The more we talk about it seems to becoming more serious, we even talked about how much we'd split and who would run the account. Im just so uncomfortable with sexual stuff. I do not judge sex workers but personally i just don't think i could stomach working in the fetish industry, im just not that person and i praise sex workers for having the guts to do it and get themselves out there to make the money but i personally wouldn't want me or boyfriend classed as sex workers even if we think were not, we technically would be because i can't imagine what else these people would be asking for feet pics for.
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Id just like to point out that im 18 and my boyfriend is 20. In the UK the age of consent is 16 not everyone in the world is from the US which might be a little to hard for the Americans to realise on this site sometimes 🙄
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Sorry to the American people on this site, feel mean now. Just gets frustrating and annoying trying to explain the differences so much
Should me and my boyfriend really go ahead with this as a side hustle?
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