New survey for girls?

1. Age?
2. Body type (Height, weight, body type (women: bra size))?
3. Number of partners?
4. Favorite positions & why?
5. Favorite sex acts and why?
6. Favorite place to have cum (fav place to cum for guys) and why?
7. 3 things you do good during sex and oral (give answers for both?
8. 3 places you'd like have sex and 3 places you have had sex?
9. Condoms or raw?
10. Creampie or naw?
11. Spit or swallow?
12. Shaved, trim, or natural pubes on you and on your partner?
13. Women: Drip, gush, or squirt/men: Ooze, spurt, or shoot?
14. What makes you sexy, in your opinion?
15. What makes you cum?
16. Roleplay, you'd like to act out during sex?
17. What makes you horny
18. 3 things you like done to you sexually?
19. 3 dirty things you say during sex?
20. 3 dirty things you want your partner to say during sex?
21. What would be your dream sexual encounter?
New survey for girls?
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