Do you think it's OK to lie when sexting?

OK so I was sexting this girl online, for awhile we were getting along great, I showed a fake pic aswell as my penis size, no intension of meeting, just the fun of sexting and it was so hot.

I was afraid of showing a real pic incase she didn't approve plus last time I did it with real pics a girl tried to blackmail me online so I was sceptical.

Anyway this girl found out that it wasn't me in the picture as I couldn't show other pics of myself, she did cease communication with me.

So here's my question really if you start sexting with someone online with no intention of meeting, is it ok to lie? I know it's kind of like catfishing and there's a danger but if there's no meeting, isn't it OK and you can fantasise how the other person describes themselves.
Do you think it's OK to lie when sexting?
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