Do older men still develop crushes and fantasize?

I have a crush on the handyman for my apartment. He’s fixed some things in my unit in the past and is kind, professional and so attractive to me even though he’s not your typical hot guy.

I see him on site from time to time, and even if he’s doing work, we always stop to say hello and have brief small talk. Sometimes, I’ll flirt a bit and he conservatively flirts back. I get the vibe that he seems to enjoy the attention and I think it might be because he’s older, kinda balding, not necessarily hot, and has a bit of a dad bod.

I fantasize about him all the time. Kissing him, dating him, holding him, and... you know. Multiple times a day I think of him. This might be a silly question, but given his age and experience, is he even fantasizing about me the same way? He’s 45 and has adult children... I wonder if men that age are over that phase of crushing on girls and don’t really care.

I haven’t asked but maybe he’s married given his age, but even if he’s a loyal husband, do they still fantasize about other women the frequency I fantasize about him? I guess I just wish I knew if I’m alone in my secret fantasizing because part of me wishes I knew what’s on his mind or if he even thinks about me.
Do older men still develop crushes and fantasize?
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