What Sexcapades happened in your neighborhood?

It seems that neighborhoods are full of sex but most of it is hidden from the neighbors. In my neighborhood some of it came to the surface as there were two BFFs living next to each other, each with their husband and children. Well, it turns out one of the ladies was having sex with a construction worker that was working on her house. She couldn’t have sex with him in her house with the work going on so she brought the guy next door to her BFFs house. The BFF though came home and found them in her bed. She flipped out, threw them out, told the woman’s husband and actually moved. The cheater was handed divorce papers and eventually left the neighborhood as well. And of course everyone knows what happened.

So what happened in your neighborhood? Or at work, like the two who were caught screwing on a conference room table at one of our offices. She was very hot actually but both were fired.

What’s your story?
Shenanigans have happened in my neighborhood
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1 y
Interesting that so many people live in uninteresting neighborhoods. And I thought ours was tame.
1 y
Last call for Sexcapades 😄
What Sexcapades happened in your neighborhood?
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