MMF complicated situation with my wife. I left her over it, should I go back?

3 weeks ago, my buddy from the army came to stay with me and my wife for 10 days. On the 3rd night, after some drinking, we found ourselves in a threesome. I felt a bit sick over it all the next day, but I made light of the situation. I had no right to complain as I didn't stop it at the time.

Well, I don't know how, but the 2 of them got it into their heads that I was cool with them 2 fucking each other while I was at work. I didn't even realise they were doing that until several days later after I tried it on with my wife, and she told me she was still sore from all the action my mate was giving her!

That crushed me. I laid awake all night, and in the morning I packed a bag and left. Checked in to a cheap hotel and been there since. My wife tried to reach me, I wouldn't answer. My buddy eventually tracked me down, following me from work. We talked, I actually hit him. Twice. We then worked it out, he seemed so very genuine that he thought I was cool with it. He then left for his barracks.

My wife tried so much to talk to me, I couldn't face her. I felt so betrayed. Then the calls and door pounding started to ease, then stop.

2 days ago, her best friend came to see me. I felt more at ease talking to her so I let her in. We talked for hours, and drank wine. Then out of the blue, she hit on me. Rubbing me to hardness, and we slept together. First time was quick, as I had no clue I had a lot of pent up pressure. It was hard and fast, and my head was in a blur. After that though, I went to town. Gave her a fuck to remember.

Turns out my wife had sent her best friend there to seduce me. The next day my wife went on the crusade of trying to talk to me. And would you believe, the guilt I felt cause me to relent.

We talked and talked. She begged, pleaded. Told me how awful she felt. How she endured the pain of knowing I was sleeping with her best friend, just so she could know what I must have been feeling. And to prove how sorry she was.

Should I take her back?
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Alright, so I am being slammed. Absolutely fair enough.
The threesome was a mistake. I let the alcohol and arousal override my logic. In the cold light of day, only negative emotions remain that include jealousy, betrayal and shame. I felt responsible, and my intention of not blaming my wife or friend backfired. Then I compounded the whole thing by sleeping with my wife's friend.

One stupid mistake caused a cascade effect of destruction...
MMF complicated situation with my wife. I left her over it, should I go back?
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