What does it mean when my boyfriend constantly dreams about a 3 way relationship?

I'm in a monogamous committed relationship with a man. I'm a bisexual woman and he is a straight man. Although I am bisexual I don't feel the need to be with women as I don't feel the need to be with other men, I am pretty satisfied with my relationship on all levels. We discussed the idea of having a threesome with another woman as a sexual experience that could be fun for everyone involved. With the current pandemic of course it doesn't feel safe to carry on with this plan until further notice but my boyfriend constantly tells me about his dreams where we have a 3 way relationship - not a sexual experience but an actual relationship - with another woman. He asks me if I would like that because I'm bisexual and I could be happier if I could have a relationship with a man and a woman. Truth is, I don't think I would. I consider myself monogamous and I'm not interested in having a polygamous relationship at all. I've told him this every time he asked but his dreams continue. I thought it could be just a fantasy or that somehow he believes that a bisexual person will never feel complete in a monogamous relationship with just one person from one gender which in my case is a wrong assumption. I've always had monogamous relationships with both genders and I never felt like I was missing out on anything, not more than people who are heterosexual or homosexual in happy monogamous relationships. But there's a third option and that's that having a 3 way relationship with me and another woman is what he really wants and he is the one who is not satisfied with just me. Any thoughts on this? I know the best way to know is to ask him directly and frankly but I would like to have some options from other people on the subject before doing so. Thank you!
What does it mean when my boyfriend constantly dreams about a 3 way relationship?
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