What is your opinion on hookup culture?

I feel like this topic has been brought up quite frequently lately, and a lot of people have different things to say about it. Personally, I have never taken part in it, and I don`t plan to. I am afraid to feel like shit about myself, but there is another side to me that says it can be fun to do before actually settling down with someone. I don`t judge people who take part in it actively, though. I can understand why they choose to do it.
Disgusting and really bad for you. It can destroy future monogamous relationships and make you feel worse about yourself.
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It can be fun, as long as you are careful and know what you are getting into.
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Great! Absolutely nothing wrong with it.
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I don`t really have an opinion about it/I`m neutral.
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What is your opinion on hookup culture?
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