How do I get my boyfriend to be more passionate with me again?

Me and my boyfriend have both been very ill. My boyfriend was a lot worse than myself, i just had womens issues but he had sciatica for 3 months whilst i was only having issues for a month. It got so bad he spent 24 hours on the floor unable to move and had to pee in a milk bottle till the paramedics were called in to put him on gas and air to help him get back up.

Now he's finally recovering and is almost getting back to normal now. Were still be careful though and im always making sure he's comfortable and isn't working himself to hard but it feels like the passion in the relationship isn't what it used to be.

I remember when we were first dating, he pined me up against the wall and made out with me. I've always been the one with the higher sex drive but before he couldn't control himself around me and his bedroom performance was high quality. I even buy sexy underwear and he still just wants to cuddle and im always the one to ask for sex now. he's still good but sometimes he finishes a bit to early and i haven't. he's bit older than me so i don't know if his sex drive is carming it's self down now but he says he thinks the medication he's on if effecting his performance and ruining his sex drive. All he wants to do is snuggle which is nice but it's not that exciting.
How do I get my boyfriend to be more passionate with me again?
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