How to handle a sexless relationship?

So, I've been with my fiance for a year now. I love her very much.. to the point where I can't fathom being with someone else. The problem is, we barely ever have sex. She says its her meds. And when we do have sex, its mediocre at best. O didn't think it was possible to be inove with someone n not have sexual compatibility. My sex drive is so high... if I could have it my way, wed have sex daily. In a year, i dont believe we've had sex more than 20 times. Its really starting to take a toll on me. I feel like we are missing an important part. I have spoken to her about this many times. It hurts me bc it makes me feel undesired. I need that intimate connection. We cuddle, kiss, hug.. and have a great bond but our relationship is sexless. I hate this. It sucks that I've found this person who I love and adore but she lacks a sex drive. Its starting to make me resent her. I dont want to fall out of love which is what I think will happen. I dont want to cheat bc that doesn't solve the problem. I touch myself however that doesn't solve my desire of intimate connection. I dont know what to do. 😌
How to handle a sexless relationship?
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