Is society trying to normalize pedophilia?

On Amazon prime, if they haven't removed it yet, there's a documentary I, Pedophile: Understanding the Mental Disorder. Guess what it's about. An attempt to "explain" pedophiles.

The list of advocating for pedophilia groups around the world is ever increasing. If you google pedophile advocacy organizations there's a lot of "hits". The 1st hit below wikipedia's generic pages in fact is an advocacy organization called VirPeg. And though wikipedia says NAMBLA is defunk, it isn't. While questionable organizations like Prostasia get tax cuts.

One of the highest searched topics in porn in "teen porn". Though the people are of age the women at least are typically underdeveloped (e. g. small breasts, no real hips, etc) and more resemble well a teen, unaged, etc. not an actual grown adult.

Shave pubic hair has no grounds for hygiene. It's counterproductive as pubic hair is supposed to serve as a barrier. Trimmed is hygienic. As everyone knows one only develops serious pubic hair as an adult so shaved emulates more an underage/child than it doesn't an adult. by the way shaved is a pornographic ideology that's origins lay by proxy in the Brazilian porn market (a country known for child trafficking & underage sex rings).
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And it's more than just the porn (last 2 paragraphs) that's just the easiest examples. It's themed towards youth not adulthood.
Is society trying to normalize pedophilia?
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