Guys, Should I give up being a virgin?

I’m a 20 year old girl. I give up on love because I’ve only gone through heartbreak after heartbreak. They always end up being jerks , I just wish I can normally date like my friends but that never happens. It’s like I want to just create memories with someone and it never works for me but other people get to have moments that become memories and if I keep getting into heartbreaks it means that I’m never capable to be with someone even if their not the one and I’ll never lose my virginity either. I’d rather just have a boybestfriend and have sexual fun with him. I truly believe that’s all I’m good for. Maybe my standards just to have a normal boyfriend and casual dates wasn’t meant for me. I’m an unlovable 20 year old inexperienced loser. I’m pretty funny smart but that only hurts me more because I’m never trying ever again for a fucking guy to date. Fuck that and fuck love. I do everything else in life except this and I’m not grateful for this at all. I give up on love
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I’m a normal person I couldn’t care about gifts and shit. i wanna spend my time with someone , none of u guys fcken get it because nobody else can relate to me. Fuck this , imma go die bye
Guys, Should I give up being a virgin?
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