Never been with a virgin before, need advice?

So I started a thing with this girl and she’s a virgin and I’ve never been with a virgin before. (She was homeschooled in high school and apparently never even had a kiss before me) Anyway she was inexperienced, but I guided her along and it turns out she’s super sexual and seems to really enjoy things like dry humping or us rubbing each other through our clothes but she says she’s not ready to do anything under the pants. She says she will be eventually but not yet. I’ve never been with someone inexperienced before and I guess I’m just curious about what’s going on inside her mind. Like when will she be ready? Is it a comfort thing? Or is it about timing? What’s everyone’s thoughts on what could be going on with her psychologically? I want to better understand the situation I’m in
Never been with a virgin before, need advice?
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