Girls, Body hair?

This is a really touchy subject for a guy for some reason but hear me out before judging!

I have been dating this girl for 2 months now and on our first few dates we had sex and she would shave her genitals and so would I but suddenly now that we are officially dating she has stopped shaving but I have continued to do so. I shave my face for her because she likes me to be clean shaven and I shave my pubic hair because she prefers it but I have hunted to her on many occasions now that I prefer that she does as well but for some reason she thinks that it is demanding of me to want her to but it is just a preference for her to want me to?

I will be clear as well, we have a very similar sex drive so it is not me nagging to have sex with her but demand her to shave to have sex with me, it is her asking me to have sex and also telling me to shave?

How can I ask her to shave without coming across as mean or controlling because at this point it is just a double standard?

Don't say just break up though because we get along in every other way it's just this is frustrating me now because before I met her I had lots of facial hair and pubic hair but I am compromising for her but she isn't for me.
Girls, Body hair?
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