What should I do now?

I am 35 years old single woman with a 13 years old adopted daughter. I am indian Sikh woman currently residing in Abu Dhabi. I work at Lifecare Hospital in the store management department. I was using tinder these days recommended by friend. So i met this guy from jeddah Saudi arab. He was in retail businesses. We used to talk in tinder untill we met. he had no problem of me being an Indian woman. by the way let me tell you i was virgin and never had a man back to india because my religion doesn't allow me to do so. I was alone so adopted a tribal girl in india and brought her here. Oneday we met a emirate restaurant, he fed me an expensive lunch. These meet ups continued for 3 weeks when he booked a hotel for me specially to have some private time escaping the crowd. We went to the room chit chatted. He took off his shirt to make me have a look to his well built anaconda kind of physique. After that we got intimate and i took off my indian clothes. i saw him i was terrified he was very big enormous! while i was a virgin woman. He used to a little force and folded my knees upto my chest and aimed his tool on my vagina. he used his all the might and shoved it in one go. I cried in huge pain he put a cloth on my mouth and again gave a huge thrust. I felt like i will be dead soon. i was trembling but he continued to drill. I was very hairy. I felt blood all over my pubic bush. He even tried to pull some pubic hair. He fucked me hard u can't even imagine the pain. Anyways So now after a week he asked me for my ass. And he wants to tie me up in his bedroom and do my ass. I am very scared. Now tell me what should i do?
What should I do now?
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