Why does my friends with benefits want me to sleepover?

Friends with benefits: an sexual relationship with no strings attached.

Right? or wrong?

Lately, I've been noticing that my friends with benefits seems to act more like a boy friend than a fwb. And correct me if I'm wrong but, here's why I think so...

1. He tells me all these wonderful compliments

2. He never wants me to just leave when we are done. He enjoys it when I fall asleep next to him in his bed and he always holds me whether its my hand, body, or just being really close in bed.

3. He rubs my body when we fall asleep. (Not even wanting sex)

4. He was upset when me and his friend were hanging out. He felt as though we were even talking about him. Not too sure why, but he was upset. Why would he care if I was just his f*** buddy?

5. We have long intellectual conversations when we hangout.

6. He cares about me and is ALWAYS interested in my life.

7. He may only want sex, but there's a connection between us that is so strong, I find it hard to believe he doesn't feel it too.

So, what do you think? I would love to hear your opinions and experiences too! Thanks:)
Why does my friends with benefits want me to sleepover?
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