Is it too weird to let/ask my wife to do this?

So my wife is a qualified health assistant. She presently has a job with a young man that is paralysed from the neck down.

He has his own place, and has family/friends registered as his carers.

For his morning routine though, he has health assistants help him with getting out of bed, bathing, getting dressed. They also have other duties. My wife and another girl do alternate days with him.

The lad is 19. He got into a bad car accident when he was 16, which left him paralysed.

My wife has been working with him for 3 months now. The other girl has been with him 2 years.

My wife was talking about her routine with him the other day. And she mentioned how the lad always gets embarrassed at bathing time, because he always 100% of the time gets an erection.

My wife pays no bother, and sponges around it.

So I asked her, how does he get off? She shrugged, then said "I guess he doesn't".

Blew my mind! Imagine being 19, and never getting off?

My wife then told me that the other girl 'warned her' a few weeks back, that he will ask her to help him get release (handjob), and he will pay a bonus. The other girl called him a pervert and flatly refused.

My wife hasn't been asked yet.

Here is the thing though, I feel for the guy. I mean at that age, and missing out on even the basic of sexual pleasures.

I am considering 'letting' my wife give him a handjob from time to time to help the guy out. She hasn't asked to be allowed, in fact she seems non-fussed by the whole thing. It goes to show how women don't understand the full balls feeling us guys get. Imagine 3 years of it! She would do it if I asked her, though perhaps she might like the 'bonus' in her pay packet too.

I don't know, is it too weird? And is it weird that I wouldn't mind my wife doing that? If I found out she gave a handjob to any other guy, I would be blowing my stack.

I feel for him. And my wife is pretty, with a cute face. And nice curves, I know he would enjoy it.

What do you guys think?
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Ok guys, thanks for the responses.

I talked to my wife about it again last night. And I expressed my heart felt sorrow about the desperation this lad must go through. Then we talked.

What we agreed is that I have given consent to her accepting any request he makes for her to 'lend a hand'. However, she won't do it unless he asks. She isn't going instigate anything like that.

Though, she also said it won't be a daily occurrence. Once a week for relief purposes is more than enough.
Is it too weird to let/ask my wife to do this?
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