I got a girl who’s super shy at bed?

I met a girl who’s super super super shy at bed even though she said she had sex with more than a 50 guy but with me she just can’t look in my eye as she says, and she say she feels ashamed and awkward talking to me about sex.
This happened to me on our first date and we had a fight the next couple days since I thought she’s just missing with me ( she corse and joke a lot and she didn’t take this issue seriously and kept joking about it so I tried to end it right there.. and guess what? she grappled at me so hard and kept apologizing and says she will try to get better and after 8 months and many discussions she still feels the same...
Whenever I try to help her or open the subject she just try to close it or escape from it
It’s very complicated so please if you have questions I can answer them.
I got a girl who’s super shy at bed?
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