What should I do with my mother?

My 43 years old widow mom dating a friend of mine! They met on Tinder. He is the captain of our local foot ball team. I used to know him since a long time. I dont play football so we are that good friends. Amd suddenly he started to come to my house on the invitation from my mom. I tried to stop this but my mom threatened me to abondon me and i have no right to interfere in her life. Due to Covid 19 its temporarily stopped. Thank God. But it will continue in future. I have seen him quite many times fcuking my mum at her room or sometimes at our dinner area. My mom shouts and screams in pain he js very brutal to her. He practices BDSM with her. Sometimes i go to rescue my mom but she orders me to go back to my room when i saw the asshole holding her hair of my mom who is sitting at his knees wearing a thong.

I dont know what to do
What should I do with my mother?
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