He says weird things while we are intimate?

My boyfr and I have been together for just two months. Just recently we started to get intimate. Last night was the second time we’ve had sex and I’m not sure if i should talk to him or if it’s just sex talk.
Before having sex my boyfriend told me he was going to put a ring on my finger
Then while having sex is when it got weird.
He asked me “are you going to leave me?”
I said “no baby”
Then he kissed me and said “yes you are they always say that and then leave”
Then he said “I’m trying to make love to you, don’t cover up your chest i love your body” “Don’t have sex with nobody else”
Then he started asking me again not to leave me that’s when he told me to spell his name out loud
.. he did all of that while we were having sex. He does it everytime we have sex
He says weird things while we are intimate?
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