Should I be upset at the men who I speak to?

I am in a scary and lousy living situation.
No physical threats but this airbnb the made actually was trying to do witchcraft on me and i kept feeling sick the whole time.
This guy I liked I suppose, who we got along well but there's this co dependent guy i was tlaking to first and it hurt his feelings that i talked to boy B and we are saying boy because I have not seen proof of man. Boy A we had an awkward thing goign and he had a hard time epxressing himself and i didn't know what to do but i tried adn he no longer talks to me,

so I started to talking to Boy B who I actually liked more I think becuase he didn't make me feel bad so I would talk to him or like I couldnt be alone.

Boy B sent a lot of underwear snaps, I accidently sent him my name with my grubhub lol so now I can never i feel actually even discreetly send him anything or fun photos I guess as he lieks to call them honestly, but he was angry and said he would get me aplane ticket ater i ghosted him :( I didn't even realize I ghosted him I was working so hard on getting a job and trying to cure my bab airbnb situation where I was always haunted or harmed.

So he told me if i lived with him Id have to have sex. Which upset me. I woke up feeling really bad today i guess ebcause of the environment worse than I ever have after a night of not sleeping and studying even though I knew this women was hexing me the entire time and I could hear voices, for 24 hours each day for the 10 days I've been here. I still studied, and im still studying now, for 3 days for this really good job that locks me in a contract and unfortunately ships me out to whereever in the country -.-

Boy A is out of the picture, he has ignored me for 4 months so i guess thats not coming back.
AND boy B... idkMy friend gave me 600 dollars and I have 200 left and I think i should use it to fly home and get my mail which contains a 1k check from my dads life insurance, but the company has no tracking number so I guess?
Should I be upset at the men who I speak to?
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