Do you know any guys that put up with crap like this? Can you believe what some girls expect from their man?

My girlfriend got a new job working in an office. The manageress is a feminist, and only hires women.

I work full time, and my girlfriend works part time. I pay all the bills, and she looks after the house. It works well. Or so I thought.

So a month goes by, then my girlfriend starts changing. First of all, she stopped giving me blow jobs. She claims that they are degrading to women, and as men have had more than their fair share of oral sex, she won't be providing that anymore. However, she insisted on cunnilingus still. And if I refused, she would take sex off the table. After some arguing, I relented. So we have sex a couple of times a week, when it use to be 4-5 times. And another couple of times a week she will insist on oral sex from me, then after a couple of orgasms, she will roll over to go sleep and leave me high and dry.

Then last week I came home from work after a late shift. She made no dinner. She suddenly announced that in a true equal society, the housework is split 50/50. I was too tired to argue and walked straight back out and got a meal at a local eatery.

It happened again the next night, no dinner.

I blew up. I insisted back, if she wants 50/50 on the housework, she can pay 50/50 of the bills, beings she is pushing for equality. We argued.

She took a bath, I snooped through her phone. She is in a group chat with some girls from work. And they were telling her to keep pushing, and I would fall in line. All men are weak. And we have had it too good for too long.

I packed a bag. When my girlfriend finished her bath, she saw me with a packed bag. A complete change, pleaded with me to stay. I told her to prove herself by giving me a blowjob immediately. She dropped to her knees and blew me as I asked.

I then told her it's me or her job. Choose. She resigned the next day, and I have been blown every day since.

In their chat, all the straight girls have gotten their men to go along with this shit. Like, have they no balls? Do you know anyone like this?
Do you know any guys that put up with crap like this? Can you believe what some girls expect from their man?
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