Why do you think women get hypersexualized in modern media?

Why do you think women get hypersexualized in modern media?
I don't buy that it's because "sex sells". I think the creators typically just want to see sexy women. Examples:

1) Carrie 1976: made by a straight man. There's a locker room scene that leers over the girls' naked bodies as they take showers & prance around.

2013 remake (directed by a woman, script written by a gay man): no voyeuristic leering. The girl who played the protagonist was underage, but even the other actresses who were 18+ all had clothing on & there was no leering at their bodies whatsoever.

2) In media created by gay men, the sexualization is reversed. Look at AHS, created by a gay man. Compare 2 shower scenes, one involving men and one involving women.

The first video voyeuristically leers at the men's wet naked bodies as they shower, but the second video is filmed from outside the shower stalls & doesn't show the women's bodies at all. Why? Because the creator is a gay man & he's not attracted to women.Also, in AHS, masturbation scenes for women tend to focus on their face and their fantasies (even in the case of a sexy seductress trying to seduce a man, she had clothes on), whereas in the masturbation scenes for men, the men are naked with their buff bodies on display.

3) In more media created by gay men (such as Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, created by the same gay guy who wrote Carrie 2013) you get scenes like this, with buff men walking around nearly naked & displaying their butts in thongs.(I actually didn't know the creator of this show was gay, and then after seeing those scenes I suspected it was created by a gay guy, so I looked it up & my suspicion was confirmed.)

So yeah. If women are hypersexualized for logical reasons like "sex sells" then the sexualization wouldn't be reversed when the male creator is attracted to men and not women.


(Note: I know some women hypersexualize characters too. That film Cuties is proof of that. I think it's more common for male creators, though.)
I think it's usually for logical reasons (sex sells)
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For the people saying men are equally objectified: Women make up only 1/3 of speaking characters, and are over 5x as likely to be seen in sexy clothing as men, and over 3x as likely to be seen partially naked.

Women aren't given as much opportunity as men to have an acting role in a nonsexualized context.
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The people saying I don't believe "sex sells" have created a strawman argument I never said. It's true that sex sells, but I dont think thats the main reason creators incorporate sex into their media.

Also if you justify the objectification of women by saying "sex sells", I don't want to hear you criticizing webcam models and onlyfans models etc. If you say it's okay for men to make money by objectifying women then it's hypocritical to criticize women for making money the same way.
Why do you think women get hypersexualized in modern media?
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