Would you date a girl who had sent nudes before?

As a very lonely and socially isolated person, I've always resorted to internet relationships. I must've gotten intimate with at least 5 people met online in the course of 7 years, 2 were long term (6 month and a year), the three others around a month.
I've also sometimes sent censored pictures of my body in underwears so that I could get some advices in my body, to know if I need to gain weight and such. I didn't keep count but must be around 10 people.

I simply don't really care about showing my body (as long as it's not my private parts such as my nipples and vulva) to people even tho they might get aroused by it.

I try to do it the least possible, but sometimes the loneliness and validation cravings get too intense and I end up doing it. I'll usually go a few months to a year then I'll lose my motivation to be pure.

Besides this slutty side of my person, I am a very loyal person, I've never had sex or let anyone touch me before. Hell I've never even dated.

Do you think I'm still a whore? Would you date a girl like that? I don't want the feminist "your body your choice" bullshit, I want to know if genuinely you would care.

Also most of the pictures were faceless and don't show my private parts. I must've sent like three pictures that include my face in total.
Would you date a girl who had sent nudes before?
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