Do you think my wife is being unreasonable, or am I?

So before we were married, she got me to promise I wouldn't masturbate behind her back anymore. She wants to be all that I need in terms of sexual release, and for the most part that is cool.

And like 90% of the time, if I want sex, she is very happy to oblige. It's just that she goes through these spells in which her libido crashes. And it kinda leaves me high and dry. And these crashes can last like a week or 2.

The first few times she went though one of these spells, she used to 'lend a hand' a few times, just to help me through. Though she didn't really like doing it.

Her last spell lasted 10 days, and she refused to help me, or let me help myself. It was very frustrating, especially as she still sleeps naked, and showers/changes in front of me. She just looses all sexual appetite altogether.

She is in a spell right now. We are coming up to 2 weeks strong, and my balls feel like grapefruits. And a gust of wind can get me hard. She is adamant though. As she is abstaining, so should I. And asking her to help would be the same as being asked to eat something you didn't like. And she shouldn't have to do it.

I am highly frustrated, and still being young I sometimes feel I am missing out.

Should I just suck it up, or take matters into my own hands?
Do you think my wife is being unreasonable, or am I?
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