Gender identity?

I'm not sure how to word my question.
So I'll do my best.
First off I don't want to offend anyone but in my opinion there is only 3 genders.
1. Female
2. Male
3. Hermaphrodite
The 30+ genders that are being used are a persons sexuality Not gender. But that's not my question. My question is I'm a straight male that was born a male, and I'm only attracted to Females that are born Female.
This being said I wish I was born female. I have NO desire or interest in having Any kind of surgery to change my gender.
On occasion I crossdress, clothing only ( No wig or make-up ) only waist down. I'mExtremely lucky to be married to a wonderful woman, who is Bisexual and gets turned on when ever I have anything skin tight on. That being said. With what people are confusing sexuality with gender. What do you call a Natural born male who is Only attracted to natural born females. But wishes he was one, and occasionally wares clothes that are normally considered female.
Gender identity?
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