Is my boyfriend cheating or?

My boyfriend of many years and I have always had a great sex life. We never struggle with any aspect of it, we’re open minded and comfortable with each other. Unfortunately these past two days I’ve been trying to have sex with him and he tries but cannot stay erected. He even turned me down when we tried again that same night. Every time we have noticed he isn’t staying erected, he says it’s me not being lubricated enough when I know for a fact it is not me because 1 that’s never been an issue and 2 knowing him he’d probably just keep trying until I was lubricated enough. This brings me to the idea of maybe he is cheating on me or is relieving himself other ways or possibly doesn’t think I’m attractive enough... I need an honest opinion please help!
1 y
I’d also like to add that we do plenty of foreplay and even when I’m performing oral on him he is not fully erected.
Is my boyfriend cheating or?
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