Help, what's going on?

So I was dating my ex for over a year and half. We would see each other once a week *if that* for 4 hours. Even when I would spend the night it seemed like he wanted me to leave the next day in the morning. Anyways we tried to have sex, but he couldnt keep it hard. He was obsessed about me pegging him, we tried sex twice. And I was gonna peg him, but I broke it off. NOT for that reason, but it just wasn't working out. So he gets a new girl 6 months later and has sex with her the first 2 months of dating her. I'm still a virgin, so I think I'm ugly now. We tried twice maybe even 3 times. After this has would message me for sex whenever he was bored and horny (before he got with the new girl) And so they broke up, and was messaging me again for nudes. I sent them. (I know I'm stupid). But then he asked again but blocked me after he asked me and got with a new girl the NEXT DAY. What's going on?
Help, what's going on?
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