Why am I never good enough?

I gotta understand no guy would come up to me if my beautiful sister was there. You don't need to keep telling me. I know every guy I get will lust after her and want her, you don't need to keep telling me.

I know my mom is beautiful and that they both could get any guy wrapped around their finger. They have a lot to choose from.

I know they are the ones men want and not me, I know I won't ever find someone whose into me. I know it already.
I am nobody. I have nobody to love, to cuddle with to tell me I am beautiful even though I am ugly as fuck. I give up, men are fucking assholes.
I am never good enough. I never will be.
whatever I guess.
it's all about porn stars, strippers and half naked chicks online like the ones guys follow. And my sister looks like one of those girls.
Was watching a hodget twins video and a guy was saying how he couldn't get a pretty girl, he wanted a 10 and he dated an obese girl that was nice. But he didn't want her.

So men want 10's, that's why I have nobody. I don't even want a man anymore after what the hodget twins were fucking saying. Big girls are treated like a fucking joke. No wonder no man comes up to me.. :/ I will never be able to statisfy a man, and it's clear that if a guy shows attention for me it's because he couldn't find better. Guys are intimidated by them that's the only reason they dont want them.

Glad that I know this now rather than getting in another relationship with a man who won't love me.
Guys have to get hurt by hot women to understand why they don't date them, lol. Fucking pathetic if you ask me. It's stupid and I can't believe I listened to men. I will never ever believe another man. They just continue to fucking lie, and waste my fucking time. There, problem fucking solved. Welp, I guess I give up. I will never be someones 10, and the "beauty in the eyes of the beholder" Is bullshit.
but I guess I got told to lose weight and get plastic surgery lmfao
its disgusting. big women are treated poorly.
Why am I never good enough?
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