Can I get pregnant this way?

Hi. I know this might sound shocking at the buggining , but please take the time to answer this question. I'm 13 years old female and kinda scared I might be pregnant. I know the basic stuff about how it all works , but please I need your help to understand if this is possible... So 3 weeks ago or so i took a shower like I usually do. After I took the shower I used a towel to dry myself down there... I usually have my own towel , but this time i didn't have it , so I used my brothers by mistake. I did not know. It's unhygienic , but at the time I did not know. Ok so anyway the towel was wet bc he took a shower before me. He is 14 years old by the way. I'm kinda scared he masturbated in the shower the he used the towel and somehow got his spe*m on it? I don't know I'm really paranoid. Anyway sorry if this is gross. I'm a virgin so do you think it's possible if I used the towel like 10/20 min. Later? I know you need to have sexual intercourse , but I heard that you can get pregnant if there is spe*rm near down there? I'm scared because my tummy is growing and my period is due in 5 days , but I got bloody discharge for 6 days.. what's that? Is it implantation? Also a lot of low back pain... I kinda used the towel down there to dry myself. Please no mean comments I know it sounds stupid , but internet says it's possible? I want to mention my country doesn't have any health class or anything. And my parents are really strict and if I'd tell them they'd get really grossed out.. I'd appreciate any helpful answers. I heard that it's unlikely to get pregnant this way , but is it 100 % not possible? Thank you very much !
Can I get pregnant this way?
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