Does this mean I turn him off?

After not having sex for over a week my boyfriend asked did i want too last night
All was going good during foreplay until we went acc have sex he kept going soft I kept getting him hard threw oral but he couldn't stay hard to have sex
So I give him a bj and he came but he never done nothing to me once he came that was it
Its prob stupid but I acc can't stop thinking about it and feel really down
I feel like I must make him feel turned off or he feels sick thought having sex with me
We dont normally have this problem
I am pregnant but through me whole pregnancy there's been no problems with us having sex
Now I'm starting think does he feel put off cause he sees me as fat now
I acc feel like this just stop sex now

I dont want to bring it up because feel like make things worse but I'm acc so hurt
Does this mean I turn him off?
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